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Your space to report violations of freedom of expression of artistic creations.


In 1894, the first recorded censorship in the history of the film industry took place. It was in the seaside town of Asbury Park, New Jersey (United States). It starred the Spanish dancer Carmen Dauset Moreno, better known as "Carmencita". The tape in question, barely 20 seconds long, reproduced an entire dance of the artist at the end of which she lifted her legs and showed her petticoat. It was labeled "simply repulsive" and subsequently banned.


Throughout the ages, works of art have been altered, silenced, banned and even eliminated, depending on the motivations of the religion, society or politics of each era. This has not prevented artists from continuing to be transgressors through the content of their works, in a continuous struggle that continues to this day. Because little or nothing has changed, and today the increasing attacks against freedom of expression and artistic creation remind us that censorship is still as crucial an issue as always.


"Carmencita" is the space of Censurados Film Festival where you can report if you have suffered any kind of violation of freedom of expression in your artistic creations -music, visual art, film, theater and performing arts, literature and dance, among others-, either through censorship, attacks on your physical integrity, threats, harassment, sanctions, suspension of your professional activity or the destruction of your works.


If you are an artist and have experienced one or more of these situations, tell us about it.


You can do it through this form.


It is very important for us that your answers are as complete as possible, since the information collected about the context of each censorship is essential for the project. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to write us at


Let's make "Carmencita"the stage that vindicates our right to dance and to be able to show our petticoats.



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